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Logitech G703h Hero


עכבר גיימינג אלחוטי מבית לוג’יטק
דגם חדש (בארץ נמכר הדגם הקודם G703)
6 כפתורים הניתנים לתכנות והתאמה אישית
זמן תגובה 1ms
טכנולוגיית LIGHTSPEED 
חיישן Hero 25K
רזולוציה 100-25,600DPI 
האצה מקסימלית 40G
סוללה לעד 60 שעות משחק
תמיכה ב POWERPLAY לטעינה אלחוטית  
משקל 95 גרם + משקולת 10 גרם אופציה לתוספת

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*Note: G703/G703d is an old model product that is discontinued

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מחיר מבצע: ¥7,901
מחיר כולל משלוח עד הבית: ¥9,241 ~ כ 228 ₪ בלבד


קטגוריה: ציוד היקפי למחשבגיימינג
מותג: Logitech

Logitech G703h Hero

Logicool G Gaming Mouse, Wireless, G703h HERO 25K Sensor, LIGHTSPEED Wireless, Ergonomics, LIGHTSYNC, RGB, POWERPLAY, Wireless Charging, Domestic Genuine Product, Final Fantasy XIV Recommended Peripherals

  • Logicool G G703h Wireless Gaming Mouse: Compared to the old G703h product, the ergonomic design is molded to the shape of the human hand, the G703 / G703d, has been upgraded to the latest HERO 25K sensor, and is lighter from 32 hours to 60 hours, making it lighter than powerful
  • (Improved HERO Sensor) The next generation HERO 16K male sensor equipped with the G703h has evolved to 25K. With an increased precision performance of about 4 times, the power efficiency is about 10 times, and the maximum tracking accuracy is upgraded from 16,000 DPI to 25,000 DPI (GHUB firmware update is required to update to 25K)
  • Wireless with no delay: Equipped with ultra-fast LIGHTSPEED technology, the G703h wireless gaming mouse is free from the hassle of wired cables
  • Wireless Charging Support: POWERPLAY compatible, so you can always charge it while playing, so there is no need for a new battery. Up to 60 hours of gameplay on a single full charge for normal charges, and 2.5 hours of game play on a standard USB port for 5 minutes of charge
  • Package Includes: Product body, LIGHTSPEED wireless receiver, receiver extension adapter, charging/data cable, 0.4 oz (10 g) weight (optional), quick start guide, 2-year warranty

Why Logicool G is the choice of gamers around the world?

  • Logicool G develops technologies that evolve the specifications of devices such as HERO sensors, LIGHTSPEED and POWERPLAY to provide a more comfortable, accurate and enjoyable experience for gameplay.
  • Logicool G devices are used by professional gamers around the world. Starting with the popular PRO wireless gaming mouse, the keyboard and headset are reliable enough to be used in a variety of games.
  • Products are developed in Switzerland based development centers and manufactured in our own factories to ensure consistent control of the quality of gaming devices, including durability and precision demanding of gaming devices.

LogicoolG best-selling gaming mouse in 2020.

Equipped with advanced HERO 25K sensors, the G703 LIGHTSPEED has reached the next generation of performance. You can enjoy new dimension of tracking, enhanced LIGHTSPEED and 10 times the power efficiency of previous generations. And thanks to POWERPLAY, you don’t have to worry about charging your device. The ultimate LIGHTSPEED loadout is complete.
  • Enhanced with HERO 25K Sensor: The HERO 25K is an extremely advanced sensor that boasts 1:1 tracking, over 400 IPS and a maximum DPI sensitivity from 100 to 25,600. It also achieves zero smoothing, zero filtering and zero acceleration. In addition, the HERO 25K has 10 times more power efficiency than previous generations. The result is improved battery life and reduced weight.
  • LIGHTSPEED WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: LightSPEED wireless technology boasts professional performance, sensitivity, and connectivity. You can play games up to 35 hours continuously with the default LIGHTSYNC RGB light.
  • 【POWERPLAY Wireless Charging】Never worry about battery again. The wireless charging system POWERPLAY allows you to always charge the compatible G mouse such as the G703 during break or play. *Simply install the included POWERCORE instead of the optional weight disc (10g)
  • 【Comfort and quality. CUSTOMIZED: The G703 features a comfortable design and superior control rubber side grips for maximum comfort, durability, performance and triple threat. 10g weight (optional) and 6 programmable buttons allow you to customize your gaming experience.
  • Trigger at any time: Thanks to the advanced metal spring buttons on the left and right main buttons of the mouse, you can trigger the buttons with less force. Feel great, responsiveness, and consistency every time you click a button.

Detailed Specifications

[Model number] G703h *Note: G703/G703d is an old model product that is discontinued.

  • Physical Specifications: Height: 4.9 inches (124 mm), Width: 2.7 inches (68 mm), Depth: 1.7 inches (43 mm), Weight: 3.3 oz (95 g), Cable Length: 5.9 ft (1.8 m)
  • Battery: Maximum continuous operation at a full charge of 60 hours.
  • Technical Specifications:
    1. Additional Weight (Optional): 10g
    2. POWERPLAY compatible
    3. LIGHTSYNC RGB Light
    4. Two-material molded rubber side grips
    5. 6 programmable buttons
    6. Mechanical Button Tensioning System
  • Tracking:
    1. Sensor: HERO 25K
    2. Resolution: 100-25,600DPI
    3. Maximum Acceleration: > 40G
    4. Maximum Speed: > 400IPS
    5. Zero Smoothing / Acceleration / Filtering
  • PC requirements: Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OS

Package Contents

Product body, LIGHTSPEED wireless receiver, receiver extension adapter, charging/data cable, 10 gram weight (optional), quick start guide, 2 year free warranty and warranty regulations.


PowerPLAY Compatible; LIGHTSYNC RGB Light 1 Logicool G HUB Software Required; Dual-Material Molded Rubber Side Grips; 6 Programmable Buttons; Mechanical Button Tension System


עכבר גיימינג אלחוטי Logitech G703h Hero
עכבר גיימינג אלחוטי Logitech G703h Hero

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