Philips CA 6500 מקציף חלב פיליפס

€50.41 לקניה

מחיר סופי כולל משלוח: צבע שחור 73.16€ ~ כ 275 ₪ בלבד. ║ צבע לבן 66.88€ ~ כ 252 ₪ בלבד.

 Philips CA 6500 מקציף חלב פיליפס    הפעל עדכונים לפוסט


הספק 500W
נפח מיכל חלב 120 מ”ל
הקצפה חמה או קרה 
הפעלה פשוטה עם כפתור בודד

כרטיס אשראי שחוסך בעמלות
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צבע שחור : €50.41
מחיר סופי כולל משלוח 73.16€ ~ כ 275 בלבד.

צבע לבן:  €53.63 
מחיר סופי כולל משלוח 66.88€ ~ כ 252 בלבד.


מבצעים נוספים של המותג פיליפס

Philips CA 6500 מקציף חלב

Philips CA 6500 מקציף חלב תיאור לפי אמזון:

Philips CA 6500/60 Senseo Milk Twister

  • Milk foam by magnetic foaming at ideal temperature and speed in just 120 seconds
  • Hot and cold milk frothing for a variety of coffee recipes; Wireless 360 ° pirouette connection for comfortable lifting and parking
  • Easy to clean Rinse under running water and wipe off briefly thanks to double non-stick coating
  • Easy to operate with one-button operation (press briefly for warm milk froth, approx. 3 seconds for cold)
  • Also works with soy milk or almond milk for vegan milk froth
  • Voltage: 220 to 240V

Fresh milk, amazingly velvety milk show and best Senseo Lungo coffee.

The Senseo Milk Twister offers you the freedom to enjoy a variety of hot and cold coffee specialities at home. Thanks to the innovative frother, you can enrich delicious coffee specialities, such as cappuccino, latte macchiato or caffé latte with amazingly velvety and creamy milk foam at the touch of a button. Combined with the intense aroma of Senseo Lungo coffee, opens a way to the perfect taste experience.

Creamy milk foam in no time at all

In just two minutes you can enjoy velvety milk foam thanks to the magnetically operated stirring rod for optimum foam strength. Try this for the flavoured Senseo Lungo coffee for an intense and personal coffee enjoyment.

For recipes with hot or cold drinks

With the milk frother you have the freedom to prepare a variety of hot and cold coffee recipes at home. Hold the button approx. press for three seconds and the preparation of cold milk foam.

Enjoy milk frothing for two cups

The capacity for preparing cold or warm milk foam is 120 ml. This is enough for two cups.

Clear handling.

Easy to use with just one press of a button and wireless 360° pirouette connection for comfortable lifting and turning.

Easy to clean

Thanks to the double non-stick coating and the smooth surface, the device can be easily cleaned by simply rinsing with water and wiping with a cloth.

Philips CA 6500 מקציף חלב פיליפס
Philips CA 6500 מקציף חלב פיליפס

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