XIAOMI MIJIA ZANJIA ZJ GT-301W מגהץ אדים מבית שיאומי

XIAOMI MIJIA ZANJIA ZJ GT-301W מגהץ אדים מבית שיאומי
XIAOMI MIJIA ZANJIA ZJ GT-301W מגהץ אדים מבית שיאומי

עלות משלוח: 4.16$ ║ סה"כ לתשלום: 29.84$ כ 104 ₪ בלבד ומשלוח חינם

XIAOMI MIJIA ZANJIA ZJ GT-301W מגהץ אדים מבית שיאומי

מגהץ קטן וקומפקטי, טוב גם לנסיעות
ניתן לגהץ גם במאונך וגם במאוזן
מיכל מים 150 מ”ל
כבל חשמל באורך 2.2 מטר
הספק 1200W

אתר AliExpress

מחיר פירסום: 28.68$
קוד קופון: AEMSG7
מחיר עם קופון: 25.68$
עלות משלוח: 4.16$
סה”כ לתשלום: 29.84$
כ 104 ₪ בלבד ומשלוח חינם

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קטגוריה: מוצרי חשמל 
מותג:  שיאומי


XIAOMI MIJIA ZANJIA ZJ GT-301W מגהץ תיאור לפי AliExpress:

XIAOMI MIJIA ZANJIA ZJ GT-301W Steamer iron mini generator travel Household Electric Garment cleaner Hanging Ironing Portable

Secondary heating panel. Intelligent steam heating. Lightweight and portable. Wear it immediately after ironing.

Light life, let decent and elegant always accompany you
Ironing flat all the folds is a happy ability.It looks beautiful and practical, clean and simple. Suitable for home, travel, business.
Small and portable, to meet the light life. Elegant and decent when going out.
Hanging Ironing , flat ironing, combined into one
It can be worn immediately after ironing, reshaping the texture of the clothes.
The design is very meticulous and careful, hanging Ironing, flat ironing , combined into one, feel free to move.
Exquisite flat ironing, remove wrinkles for clothes, the force is very uniform.
Multi dimensionally restores the texture of the clothes,
making the clothes as beautiful as they were when they were just received.
SteamPlus intelligent steam heating, fast heating
1200W of strong steam, instantly generating steam. Gentle and hot, giving the best protection to every place in the clothes. Using SteamPlus smart technology, intelligent steam heating, instantly generate steam, without damaging clothes. Quickly remove the wrinkles of your clothes.
Continuous generation of steam, straight jets , efficient penetration of clothing fibers
22g of high temperature, high pressure steam per second can be continuous jet for long lasting stability,
and can be ironed for 7 to 8 minutes at a time.
Steam with jetting in a straight line, the steam is not dispersed, and the range of jet is more concentrated.

Close to the metal panel temperature of 132 degrees Celsius, effectively penetrate the clothes.

No complicated mode, apply to a variety of fabrics, make clothes from dull to shiny
Good fabrics will also have wrinkles, and ironing it is not a problem.
The five holes spray steam, which is more penetrating. A variety of fabrics can be easily ironed.
Layer by layer penetration until the clothes are smooth and smooth.
Secondary heat, strong steam to remove wrinkles for smooth ironing
The ZJ hand held ironing machine has a fluid nozzle aluminum alloy and a ceramic glaze anion powder panel,
achieve special secondary heating technology. When the steam reaches the nozzle of the ironing machine through the duct,
ironing board carry on the second heating and pressurization ,
 The steam is atomized again, the steam of the jet is strongly saturated, the clothes fibers are infiltrated.
Achieve the effect of ironing and shaping.
Micro supercharged steam for powerful wrinkle removal
The high temperature dry steam, fine and more penetrating,
Flat ironing is not easy to leak water, easy to quickly put on clothes to go out.

The ironing range is wider and clearly seeing the effect of removing wrinkles

8 degree best angle of inclination, strong penetrating power, close to clothes ironing
Breaking the traditional form and starting to look forward to change. The design of the hair dryer, the body is up, close to the clothes and ironing vertically. After years of engineering testing, 8 degrees is the best angle to spray steam, ensuring that The steam penetrates straight and penetrates the clothes.
Small and portable, you can hold it with one hand
The three dimensional hand held grip is ergonomically comfortable to hold.
Equivalent to the weight of a ‘Pad’, girls can also pick it up easily.
Small size, and can be easily carried in the trunk.
One button operation, quick control of steam after the hand leaves the button
The round steam button has been designed and adjusted many times, the sound of the button is soft,
and the strength of the button is appropriate. When the hand leaves the button, the steam can be quickly stopped within 3 seconds,
which is convenient to Store and use. One touch operation makes it easy to use even for novices, and the ironing is delicate and flat
Triple safety line of defense to give you a good ironing experience
Intelligent temperature control and fuse double safety protection, when the heating element exceeds 140 degrees Celsius,
the circuit is automatically cut off. When the hot Melt Converter temperature exceeds 240 degrees Celsius,
it can automatically turn on safety protection. At the same time, when There is water shortage,
it has the function of preventing dry burning, giving you a good ironing experience.

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