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בלנדר ידני Bosch MaxoMixx MS8CM6160G 1000W

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Bosch MaxoMixx MS8CM6160G    הרשמה לעדכונים


מנוע עוצמתי בהספק 1000W
12 מהירויות לבחירה פלוס טורבו
טכנולוגיית QuattroBlade כולל סכין בעלת 4 להבים
אחיזה ארגונומית נוחה
כולל קוצץ לעשבים, גבינות, אגוזים ועוד
כולל מקציף 
כולל מיכל מדידה ואחסון
החלקים הנלווים ניתנים לשטיפה במדיח
משקל 1.52 ק”ג
מידות: 6.3×6.3×40.2 ס”מ

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מחיר מבצע: £59.99
מחיר כולל משלוח: £73.98 ~ כ 282 ₪ בלבד


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מותג: Bosch

Bosch MaxoMixx MS8CM6160G תיאור מלא

  • POWERFUL 1000W MOTOR: The Bosch MaxoMixx Hand Blender has 12 variable speed settings plus turbo mode and comes with a wide range of accessories to puree, whisk, blend and chop ingredients.
  • QUATTRO BLADES: The stick blender features a durable, extra-sharp QuattroBlade for fine blending with anti-suction technology to avoid splashes
  • STAINLESS STEEL HOUSING: with ergonomic soft touch handle: provides comfortable and secure grip
  • MINI CHOPPER INCLUDED: For fast and easy chopping of herbs, nuts, cheese and a lot more. The set also includes a measuring beaker, perfect for mixing small quantities or for storing mixtures in the fridge.
  • ITEMS DELIVERED: 1 x Bosch MaxoMixx Hand Blender with stainless steel mixing wand, mixing/measuring beaker, with 2 lids, mini chopper and beating whisk, 1000 W motor, 12 speed settings plus turbo


Extremely powerful for excellent results in no time

Motor with maximum power to meet the highest demands. Handle any blending, chopping, shredding or kneading job thanks to the incredible 1000-watt motor power and many accessories. Even the toughest ingredients can be prepared very quickly and easily. For more time to enjoy great results.

QuattroBlade Pro with anti-suction technology

Blending has never been so easy. The ribbed design of the mixing bell provides major benefits: food is pushed directly onto the 4-bladed knife QuattroBlade Pro for more efficient cutting. At the same time suction is reduced for controlled blending without interruptions and splashes

Comfortable stainless steel housing – a joy to hold.

Perfect enjoyment is in your hands. The stainless steel housing with non-slip soft-touch handle and ergonomic design offers maximum comfort and safety, even when mixing at maximum speed. The large, easy-access buttons ensure effortless handling. Mixing with style has never been easier.

Perfect consistency thanks to 12 speed settings plus turbo.

Now you’re always in control of the precise settings for every task. Whether it’s sauce, soup or mayonnaise, simply select the best speed from the variable 12 speed setting depending on the results you desire. For full power and demanding tasks, just press the turbo button.

Chopper and whisk included

Homemade food simply tastes best. The dishwasher-safe accessories are ready to use right away. With the chopper, ingredients such as herbs, nuts, meat and onions are chopped in no time. With the beating whisk you can beat egg whites, whip up airy creams, stir light cake mixtures or prepare desserts.

Measuring beaker with lid for measuring, mixing and storing.

Do you often need small portions? The mixing/ measuring beaker is perfect for measuring ingredients and mixing small quantities. Thanks to the lid, you can keep your dishes, dressings or crushed ingredients in the beaker after mixing and store them in the refrigerator.

Release the dishwasher-safe mixing foot with an easy click.

Hassle-free cleaning should only take a few seconds. After you’re done with blending, release the mixing foot with one simple click. Now you can clean it quickly and easily under running water or in the dishwasher

  • Maximum Bosch power with 1000 watt motor: to process the toughest ingredients and to drive many accessories.
  • QuattroBlade Pro with anti-suction technology: ensures efficient cutting action for perfect blending results.
  • Stainless steel housing with ergonomic soft touch handle: provides comfortable and secure grip.
  • Variable speed: 12 speed settings plus turbo function for perfect consistency of any recipe.
  • Chopper and whisk included: more variety of tasty, homemade food.
בלנדר ידני Bosch MaxoMixx MS8CM6160G 1000W
בלנדר ידני Bosch MaxoMixx MS8CM6160G 1000W

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