BRIO World 33773 מסלול רכבת ערכת מתחילים

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BRIO World 33773 מסלול רכבת ערכת מתחילים  הרשמה לעדכונים 


דגם 33773
מתאים לילדים בגיל 3 ומעלה
שם הסט באנגלית  Railway Starter Set
הערכה כוללת 26 חלקים
כולל רכבת ב 3 חלקים, 3 דמויות ועוד

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BRIO World 33773, תיאור מלא

BRIO World – 33773 Railway Starter Set | 26 Piece Toy Train with Accessories and Wooden Tracks for Kids Age 3 and Up – Green

  • Product includes – the railway starter set comes with 26 pieces including tracks, travel train, Mountain bridge and tunnel, play figures and accessories.
  • Perfect for the creative toddler – Start your budding train engineer off on the right track with a BRIO world railway starter set. It’s the perfect gift for the creative toddler – designed for ages 3 and up.
  • Compatibility – as your child develops, so can their railway play as the railway starter set is compatible with all other BRIO world railway toys.
  • Develops important skills – playing with train sets helps children to understand and learn about their environment in a fun way and the intricate details of the roleplay also help to improve fine motor skills.
  • Safe for your child – nothing is more important to us than safety. We know that children sometimes play with toys in other ways than expected, and that’s why we test our products thoroughly. We set Very strict safety requirements, and in many cases Our own testing is tougher than the legal requirements.

BRIO World – 33773 Railway Starter Set A

Let the imagination decide the destination

The 33773 Railway Starter Set is everything you need to create your first train set and enter the BRIO World. The 26-piece railway set features a classic figure 8 track layout with a mountain tunnel and bridge intersection.

The Railway Starter Set is fully compatible with other BRIO World sets, tracks and trains. The travel train features classic BRIO magnetic couplings allowing for easy

connection to each other and other vehicles.

All aboard

The 3-piece travel train features opening doors with space to fit the driver, two passengers, and additional luggage accessory.

Over & under

Includes an adventurous mountain tunnel and bridge with ascending wooden tracks for the train to pass over and through.

Stop & go

Heed the railway signal. There may be danger ahead. No wait it’s green. Time to go!

Expand with Starter Track Pack B

Especially assembled for use with this starter pack, 33394 Starter Track Pack B adds a whole load more track to create many different track layouts. Sold separately.


Open-ended play system

BRIO World is our open-ended play system that grows with your child. All BRIO World toys work with each other to create an entirely customizable world that’s fueled by children’s imaginations and endless combinations of play.

Explore the world with play

BRIO World is designed to help children discover and explore the real world. As they play with the recognizable vehicles, destinations and accessories, the realistic roleplay helps them to make sense of the world around them.

Promotes creative thinking

The construction elements within BRIO World challenge preschoolers to use their creativity and math skills as they play, such as patterning, classifying and sorting.

Sibling safe

We’ve designed BRIO World to be sibling safe with no small parts. This means that children younger than 3 years can safely be a part of the same play environment.

About BRIO

BRIO was founded in 1884 in Osby, a small town located in southern Sweden. It is now a world-renowned brand best known for its wooden railway system, which was first created in 1958 and now sold throughout the world.

Tougher than tough

Maybe we’re control-freaks, but we test our toys against tougher standards than the law demands. To be exact, we test our toys up to 25% more than the law demands.

Toys that grow on trees

Wood is one of our company’s strongest identifiers, and many of our wooden products have become icons in the world of toys. We’re proud to say that all wood used in our toys is from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sources.

BRIO World 33773 מסלול רכבת ערכת מתחילים
BRIO World 33773 מסלול רכבת ערכת מתחילים
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  1. מסלול רכבת BRIO World 33773
    ערכת מתחילים במחיר מעולה
    מתאים לילדים בגיל 3 ומעלה
    שם הסט באנגלית Railway Starter Set
    הערכה כוללת 26 חלקים
    כולל רכבת ב 3 חלקים, 3 דמויות ועוד
    מחיר מבצע 47.57$ ~ כ 178 ₪ בלבד
    משלוח חינם בקניה מעל 49$

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    מסלול רכבת ערכת מתחילים
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    מתאים לילדים בגיל 3 ומעלה
    שם הסט באנגלית Railway Starter Set
    הערכה כוללת 26 חלקים
    כולל רכבת ב 3 חלקים, 3 דמויות ועוד
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