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מייבש שיער Parlux 3200 Plus

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€76.5 לקניה
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Parlux 3200 Plus מייבש שיער  הרשמה לעדכונים


הספק 1900W
קצב זרימת אוויר 73 m3 לשעה
4 רמות טמפרטורה
2 עוצמות 
כפתור לאויר קר
פן קל ונוח במיוחד 
משווק בארץ כמייבש שיער של איתמר 
גודל: 17×9.1×23.6 ס”מ 
משקל 560 גרם
אורך כבל 3 מטר

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אמזון ספרד

מחיר מבצע: €76.5
מחיר כולל משלוח עד הבית: €80.62 ~ כ 298 ₪ בלבד

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קטגוריה: טיפוח ויופי

Parlux 3200 Plus

  • Especially light and comfortable to use
  • With a new, particularly quiet motor yet a high air flow – for quick drying
  • The proven ciaramella K-lamination motor has a long service life and impresses with its performance
  • 2 speed settings, 4 different temperature settings, 1 cold air button
  • Only 490 g, 1900 W power

Product description

The right size between a compact design and salon quality performance:
Parlux 3200 plus and an extremely handy hair dryer with a 1900 watt motor and 2000 hour lifespan

ideal for demanding hair and styling hair, but without sacrificing the flawless performance of a professional tool.

Technical features:

cable length: 3 metres, 2 speeds and 4 adjustable temperatures, including instant cold air intake, activated by the front button Microswitch Ergonomic handle K-Lamination by Ciaramella for longer life and performance of the hair dryer: 560 grams, size of the hairdryer: 22 cm in the horizontal part (from the back to the connection of the spout) and 22 cm in the direction of the length in the length in the length in the length Vertical In Box Includes 2 x 360 rotating quick release nozzles: the first nozzle for precise blow-drying, ideal for a textured effect and super sleek and the second for faster and more natural drying.

Warranty time:

6 months, why only 6 months warranty? Despite the regulations for electrical products, a 12-24 month warranty is required. Parlux accepts a form of trade for the technical support of its products, which in many cases are purchased by professional stylists who use hair dryers daily and can occur in a shorter time than an ordinary customer.

מייבש שיער Parlux 3200 Plus
מייבש שיער Parlux 3200 Plus

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