Sage BJE520UK מסחטת פירות קשים וירקות

Sage BJE520UK מסחטת פירות קשים וירקות
Sage BJE520UK מסחטת פירות קשים וירקות

מחיר כולל מיסים ומשלוח (פריים): £182.1 ~ כ 846 שח בלבד

Sage BJE520UK the Nutri Juicer Plus Centrifugal Juicer – Silver

מסחטת מיצים צנטריפוגלית 
עם פתח רחב במיוחד 88 מ”מ חוסך עבודת חיתוך בהכנת המשקה
מנוע עוצמתי במיוחד 1300W
5 מהירויות הפעלה 
מיכל 1.2 ליטר למיץ
מיכל 3 ליטר ענק לאיסוף פסולת

אמזון בריטניה 39% הנחה

מחיר פרסום: £134.99
מחיר כולל מיסים ומשלוח (פריים): £182.1 ~ כ 846 שח בלבד

בארץ המכונה משווקת תחת המותג Breville במחיר של כ 1,200 שח ומעלה – לדוגמא

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קטגוריות: מוצרי חשמללמטבח 

מסחטת פירות קשים וירקות Sage BJE520UK תיאור מלא מאמזון:


  • Nutri Discs for hard and soft fruits and froojie discs for pulping fruits like bananas and strawberries
  • Extra large 84 mm chute-less need for chopping before juicing
  • The central feed technology extracts up to 70 percent of the nutrients from the fruit with minimal heat transfer
  • Variable speed to get the most from soft fruits at a slower speed and hard veggies at faster speeds
  • Simply take to the sink after use and rinse the parts under the tap
  • Product dimensions: 27 x 43 x 19 cm

Sage BJE520UK  Technical Details

Brand Sage

Model Number BJE520UK

Colour Silver

Item Weight 8.06 Kg

Product Dimensions 27 x 43 x 19 cm

Capacity 1.2 litres

Power / Wattage 1300 watts

Voltage 240 volts

Material Stainless Steel

Number of Speeds 5

Product description

Efficient Juicing

Sage have designed this juicer to extract maximum goodness with minimum effort. The juicing discs work quickly and evenly, so the temperature is kept low and heat not pushed on to food. The machine maintains less than 2°C of heat transfer. In doing so, the Nutri Juicer Plus maximises the nutrition extricated, extracting up to 70% of nutrients from fruit and veg, some 40% than other juicers.

To make sure juicing is as quick and easy as possible, the Nutri Juicer Plus features an extra wide chute, so you don’t have to chop your food up first, and a large 1.2L jug with a froth separator to collect all your juice. Trust us, you’ll need it, as the Nutri Juicer Plus squeezes out every last drop. A 500g apple makes around 335ml of juice and, as for carrots, we got over 100ml from a single one – who knew they were so juicy?

Includes 2 Discs

Easy to use, the Nutri Juicer Plus comes with two discs to tackle every kind of fruit and veg.

The Froojie Disc, in conjunction with the Nutri Juicer Plus insert, purées soft fruit such as bananas, mangoes and strawberries, ready to go into smoothies, sauces and dips.

The Nutri Disc with its reinforced titanium cutting blades takes care of everything else, from apples and pears to carrots and ginger.

Once you’ve finished juicing, the Nutri Juicer plus comes easily apart for efficient cleaning, while its parts are dishwasher safe, making it even quicker.


  • Electronic variable speed control
  • Safety locking arm
  • 2 different disks for hard and softer fruits and veg
  • 1.2L juice jug
  • 3 litre pulp container and cleaning brush
  • Dishwasher safe parts

Model No. BJE52OUK

41 x 21 x 43cm H. (16″ x 8¼” x 17″). WATTS 1300W

Box Contains

Juicer with Nutri and Froojie Disc
Cleaning brush

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