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בלנדר ומאדה Tommee Tippee Quick Cook לתינוק – תקע בריטי

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2 ב 1 גם מאדה וגם בלנדר
מיכל 200 גרם
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מידות: 14×32.6×31.2 ס”מ
משקל 2.15 ק”ג

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מחיר כולל משלוח עד הבית: £66 ~ כ 276 ₪ בלבד 

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מותג: Tommee Tippee

בלנדר ומאדה Tommee Tippee Quick Cook

  • Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker steams and blends home-made baby food in minutes and is suitable for fruit, vegetable, meat and fish
  • Steam baby’s food in the steamer basket, blend in the jug, or combine both for a range of textures from smooth purees to chunky meals, perfect for all stages of weaning – 200g max capacity
  • Automatic timer to set steam and blend times
  • Smart memory function remembers your last programme to help make batch cooking easier
  • Includes a handy weaning recipe guide to assist through your little ones weaning journey
  • CLEANING Turn off at the power supply, unplug the unit and allow unit to cool down completely before cleaning. Before first use and after every use wash the jug, lid and basket in warm soapy water or use a dishwasher (top shelf only) and dry thoroughly. Wash the blade, sealing ring and locking ring in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. PLEASE NOTE THE BLADE, SEALING RING AND LOCKING RING ARE NOT DISHWASHER SAFE.

Product Description

It might look like mush. But to your baby, it’s Mushelin starred mush. The Quick Cook Baby Food Maker helps you serve up healthy home-cooked meals, with less stress and less mess. Steaming and blending fruit, vegetables, meat and fish is a healthy way to cook baby food while preserving the vitamins and nutrients.
With the Tommee Tippee Quick Cook Baby Food Maker you can feed your little one with perfectly sized portions from first weaning to healthy appetites. with simple purees then move onto chunkier textures as their tastes develop, using the steam or blend functions or a mixture of both. The baby food recipe booklet provides recipe ideas from around the world to help with exploring new tastes. The Baby Food Blender comes with a handy steamer basket for faster steaming and a 200g max capacity jug.

Can I cook foods from frozen?
No, the Quick Cook Baby Food Blender is not suitable for cooking foods from frozen, defrosting and reheating food or keeping food warm.

How do I position my jug so I can blend my food?
To blend your baby food in the blender, firstly place it in the jug with no basket. Make sure the larger image of the jug shown above (r) is facing forwards towards the handle. Then set the timer of how long you wish to blend your food. Press start to begin blending.

Can you set to steam and blend together?
Yes, to do this use the jug with no basket and make sure the lid is in the correct orientation. Press the mode button and choose the steam option. Set the steam time you require. Then press the mode button and choose the blend option and the time you require. Press start to begin

Box Contains

1x Quick-Cook Baby Food Blender White, 1x Spatula

What’s weaning ?

When you start introducing food to your little one it’s the beginning of big weaning adventure. It may get messy, but it should be fun and healthy too.

Be an amazing chef for your baby

The Quick Cook Baby Food Maker turns you into a top chef in your baby’s eyes. Steam fruit, vegetables, meat and fish and blend ingredients to make nutritious meals

Suitable for all stages of weaning

Start with pureed fruit and vegetables. Steam and blend in one jug, with no need to transfer. Move onto more chunky textures by steaming in the basket and transferring to the jug to blend

בלנדר ומאדה Tommee Tippee Quick Cook לתינוק – תקע בריטי
בלנדר ומאדה Tommee Tippee Quick Cook לתינוק – תקע בריטי

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