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מסלסל שיער BaByliss C1600E Curl Secret Optimum

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€50.99 לקניה
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BaByliss C1600E מסלסל לשיער  הרשמה לעדכונים  


קל ונוח במיוחד לשימוש 
3 רמות סלסול 
מסך תצוגה LCD
טכנולוגיית Ion לגימור מבריק וזוהר
6 רמות טמפרטורה דיגיטלית בין 180°C – 230°C 
חימום מהיר
כבל באורך 2.5 מטר

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מחיר מבצע: €50.99
מחיר כולל משלוח: €60.3 ~ כ 218 ₪ בלבד

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מותג: BaByliss

BaByliss C1600E

BaByliss C1600E תיאור:

About this item

  • Easy to use for perfect curls thanks to automatic screw-in function
  • Adjustable curl direction (right / left / alternate)
  • 3 adjustable curl sizes
  • Ion technology and ceramic curling chamber for silky finish
  • LCD display
  • 6 digital temperature levels: 180°C – 230°C
  • Fast heating
  • 2.5 m long swivel cable

BaByliss C1600E Curl Secret Optimum

Product description

Automatic curler with retraction function of the hair strands for flowing curls in no time at all. Place the combed hair strand on the hairline on the chamber.

The opening of the chamber looks towards the head.

When pressed, the strand is automatically gently pulled into the heated ceramic chamber and formed into natural curls.

The indicator signal beeps slowly during and once the curl is shaped, it beeps quickly. Now loosen the strand by opening the chamber and let the curl cool for defined looks.

With adjustable curl rotation direction and three different time levels, versatile magnificent to natural styles can be created.
Ion technology provides extra soft hair and a shiny finish by releasing nourishing ions.

6 digital temperature settings with a maximum temperature up to 230°C.




מסלסל שיער BaByliss C1600E Curl Secret Optimum
מסלסל שיער BaByliss C1600E Curl Secret Optimum

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