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30.32$ לקניה
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קוד קופון: ALIBUY0I11

וקוד קופון: 11S3

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קוד קופון: ALIBUY0I11
וקוד קופון: 11S3
מחיר עם קופון 30.32$  כ 105 ₪ בלבד ומשלוח חינם


קטגוריה: לבית ולגן 
מותג: Inkbird

ערכת כלים לגריל BBQGO מבית Inkbird, תיאור מלא:

Cook Like a Professional Chef with Inkbird BBQ Tools Set

As far as barbecue is concerned, a versatile tool-set is necessary to ensure a great sense of enjoyment in grilling. A spatula can help you turn over the meat for well cooking, and a basting brush can help you evenly slather your favorite sauce on food for the perfect taste. After the meat is ready, you might want a beer to level up this feast. In that case, a bottle opener is a must-have item. Once you finished the meal with a great sense of satisfaction, you might be stuck with the cleaning part. Fortunately, a cleaning brush can be a good resolution. Including all functional tools above, this BBQ GO grill tools set is a trustworthy product on account of the premium quality and user-friendly designs. It’s an ideal grilling kit to experience a wonderful barbecue time with your family and friends on picnics, camping, parties, etc.
ערכת כלים לגריל BBQGO מבית Inkbird

Main Parameters:

5-piece BBQ tools set, to make BBQ more enjoyable
Stainless steel quality material with silicone handles
16-inch-long tools, to grill in a safe distance
Versatile 3-in-1 spatula, a good helper on cooking
Lockable and adjustable tongs, more convenient to use
Heat-resistant silicone basting brush, to slather sauce evenly
Stainless steel cleaning brush, to remove grease strain effortlessly
Easy-to-clean, suitable for being washed by dishwashers
Comes with a portable storage bag, ideal for camping, picnic, party, etc


Brand: BBQGO
Product Name: BBQ Tool Set
Material: Stainless Steel, Silicone
Net Weight: 1040g
Gross Weight: 1290g

Bullet Points:

Premium Quality, Fine Design: This BBQ tools set adopts extra thick stainless steel, not easy to deform or get rusted. And, each tool is equipped with a silicone handle, bringing you a sense of comfort in holding. With the 16-inch-long design, you can do grilling at a safe distance from high heat.

3-In-1 Versatile Spatula: A versatile barbecue spatula is contained in the tools set. With the multifunctional spatula, you can easily cut the meat into pieces and drain the excess grease for a healthier diet. Moreover, you can enjoy beers at any moment with the built-in bottle opener on it.

Lockable Tongs & Silicone Brush: You can lock the tongs by pull the tab at the end and hang them up for storage. And, the basting brush is designed with a silicone brush head, which features heat resistance, can help you evenly slather your favorite sauce on food for the perfect taste.

Clean Barbecue Grill Effortlessly: This BBQ tools set contains a stainless steel cleaning brush, helping you effortlessly clean the burnt residues left on the barbecue grill. An extra brush head of the cleaning brush is supplied. As far as cleaning is concerned, this BBQ tools set is easy to be cleaned with a dishwasher.

Portable BBQ Tools Set: A portable storage bag is supplied to contain all tools. You can bring them to any outdoor occasion, such as picnics, camps, parties, etc. It’s an ideal barbecue gift for your man on Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc.

Package Contents:

1x 3-in-1 Barbecue Spatula
1x Barbecue Tongs
1x Meat Fork
1x Basting Brush
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Extra Brush Head
1x Portable Storage Bag


ערכת כלים לגריל BBQGO מבית Inkbird המעולים
ערכת כלים לגריל BBQGO מבית Inkbird המעולים

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    יש להזין 2 קופונים

    קוד קופון: ALIBUY0I11
    וקוד קופון: 11S3
    מחיר עם קופון 30.32$ כ 105 ₪ בלבד ומשלוח חינם

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