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קומקום חשמלי Bosch DesignLine

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29.99£ לקניה

מחיר כולל משלוח: 42.59£ ~ כ 179 ₪ בלבד


קומקום חשמלי Bosch DesignLine  הרשמה לעדכונים


דגם TWK3P420GB
הספק 3000W
תכולה 1.7 ליטר  
פיה צרה למזיגה נוחה 
אזור שקוף בחלק האחורי, נוח לבדוק את כמות המים בקנקן
כפתור על הידית לפתיחה נוחה של המכסה
אזור לאחסון הכבל
כיבוי אוטומטי
מגיע עם תקע בריטי, נדרש מתאם פשוט

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מחיר מבצע:29.99£
מחיר כולל משלוח: 42.59£ ~ כ 179 ₪ בלבד 


קטגוריה: למטבח  ║ לבית ולגן 
מותג: Bosch

Bosch DesignLine, תיאור מלא

  • The Bosch DesignLine kettle combines a timeless design with performance, featuring ergonomic operation with single-touch button opening, spill-free spout and fast heat-up with 3000-watt power
  • The removable filter in the spout ensures no lumps of limescale get into the water, while the cover on the heating element makes cleaning your boiler quick and simple
  • Save time and energy with the easy-to-read cup indicator and water scale, which show you how much water is in the kettle so you can fill and quickly heat up the exact amount you need
  • The triple safety feature includes automatic shut-off, overheat and boil-dry protection, and lift switch-off features, while convenient cord storage under the base keeps you and your kettle safe
  • Items delivered: 1 x Bosch DesignLine Electric Kettle, 1.7 l stainless steel jug featuring a cup indicator, water scale, easy-pour spout, limescale filter, cord storage and 360-degree base, in silver

Cup indicator – Save time and energy with the cup indicator.

Now you can heat up exactly the amount of water you want using the easy-to-read cup indicator. It helps you save energy by only boiling exactly the amount of

water you need.

Optimal spout for easy pouring without spills.

Pouring the water into your cup should be easy and splash-free. The optimal spout allows you to pour the hot water easily and ensures that the water flows evenly.

Lid opens at the touch of a button.

Filling the kettle with water should be as convenient as possible. The lid of this practical kettle can be opened at the touch of a button.

Cord storage – Adjust space with individual cable length.

With the cord storage under the kettle base the cable can be adjusted and stored to the desired length needed between product and plug.


קומקום חשמלי Bosch DesignLine
קומקום חשמלי Bosch DesignLine

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