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בלנדר מוט וואקום Bosch ErgoMixx 1000W בוש

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43.3€ לקניה

מחיר כולל משלוח עד הבית: 64.1€ ~ כ 243 ₪ בלבד


בלנדר מוט וואקום Bosch ErgoMixx 1000W בוש  הרשמה לעדכונים


ערכת האכסון בוואקום לשמירת טריות המזון לאורך זמן
מנוע 1000W עוצמתי
סכין פלדה QuattroBlade בעלת 4 להבים 
ידית אחיזה ארגונומית לאחיזה נוחה ובטוחה.
בורר עם 12 מהירויות: כולל פונקציית טורבו
כולל מיכל אכסון מפלסטיק ושקיות פלסטיק.
שקיות האחסון ניתנות לשטיפה במדיח לשימוש של עד 100 פעמים

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אמזון גרמניה

מחיר מבצע: 43.3€
מחיר כולל משלוח עד הבית: 64.1€ ~ כ 243 ₪ בלבד


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קטגוריה: למטבח 
מותג: BOSCH

שקיות ואקום מומלץ לרכוש מאמזון גרמניה – בלינק הזה

Bosch ErgoMixx MS6CB61V1 1000W, תיאור מלא: 

Bosch ErgoMixx MS6CB61V1 1000W


  • The Bosch ErgoMixx hand blender offers great power for blending, blending, chopping or kneading thanks to the 1000 W motor, 12 speeds, Turbo function and many accessories
  • The QuattroBlade blade, durable and extremely sharp, ensures an exceptional cutting action to process even large ingredients with excellent results and in a short time
  • Great comfort: light, ergonomic and with an AntiSplash design that prevents splashes, the ErgoMixx mixer offers a comfortable and non-slip grip thanks to the soft touch handle and large buttons
  • The set includes a vacuum attachment, a 1.0 l container for vacuum food storage, 3 vacuum bags 1.2 l and 3 vacuum bags 3.8 l
  • Item delivered: 1x Bosch ErgoMixx Hand Blender, 1000 W, QuattroBlade, 1x Lid, 1x Measuring Cup with Lid, 1x Stainless Steel Foot Mixer, Vacuum Accessories

גובה 39.3 ס”מ
רוחב 5.5 ס”מ
עומק 6.2 ס”מ

משקל: 2 ק”ג

Bosch ErgoMixx MS6CB61V1 1000W


  • Includes vacuum food storage system: removes air from a special vacuum attachment to keep food fresh for longer.
  • Maximum Bosch power due to a 1000 W engine: strong enough for the toughest ingredients and for the drive of numerous accessories.
  • QuattroBlade: ensures optimum cutting performance and fine mixing results – with anti-splash function.
  • Ergonomic and easy to use: lightweight body with a soft touch handle for secure, comfortable grip.
  • Variable speed: 12 speed settings plus turbo function for perfect consistency.


Vacuum storage system keeps food fresher for longer.

Attach the vacuum pump to the wand mixer with a simple click and vacuum fresh food, leftovers or snacks such as fruit salad into the vacuum storage bags or the vacuum storage container – stay fresh for longer with just the touch of a button

Multi-size accessories

Ideal for larger and smaller quantities are the included vacuum storage bags (1.2L and 3.8L) or the vacuum storage container (1.0L). The bags are as reusable as the tin. Store your food easily and efficiently in the refrigerator or pantry

Clean, mix or crush with 1000 watts in no time.

Enjoy fine, creamy and consistently perfect results in no time. With the powerful ErgoMixx rod mixer, you get even the hardest ingredients thanks to the 1,000 watt motor. So more time to enjoy

Quickly shred with 4-blade knife.

Crush, purée and mix in no time – with the mixing base and the robust and sharp 4-blade blade blade system QuattroBlade. Thanks to the anti-splash function, preparation without splashes is guaranteed. Then you can simply remove the mixing foot by one click and put it in the dishwasher

Sits comfortably in the hand for comfortable working.

Thanks to the specially ergonomic handle and the pleasant non-slip soft-touch surface, the device is comfortable in your hand. This ensures more comfort and work without effort. The large buttons also make it easier to use

Includes handy mixing / measuring cup – ideal for small quantities

The transparent mix/measuring cup with scale is suitable for measuring ingredients and mixing small quantities. Thanks to the lid, it is also ideal for storing leftovers in the fridge

High quality stainless steel design Durable and tough

Elegant design meets high quality. The ErgoMixx style always cuts a good figure in the kitchen. The high-quality stainless steel mixing foot from Bosch is robust, durable, rust-proof, dishwasher-safe, neutral in taste and food-safe

בלנדר מוט וואקום Bosch ErgoMixx 1000W בוש
בלנדר מוט וואקום Bosch ErgoMixx 1000W בוש

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