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סט סכום WMF Boston בוסטון 30 חלקים ל 6 סועדים

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WMF Boston ל 6 סועדים  הרשמה לעדכונים  

סכום איכותי מאוד
מותג WMF מוצרי איכות תוצרת גרמניה משנת 1853 


כל הכלים בסכום עשויים יציקה אחת של ברזל 
גימור כרומגן 10/18 פטנט עולמי של WMF משנת 1930
מעניק לכלים עמידות גבוהה לשריטות ומקל על הניקוי
ניתן לנקות במדיח

הסט כולל

6 כפות
6 כפיות
6 סכינים
6 מזלגות
6 מזלגות קינוח

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אמזון ספרד

מחיר מוצר: 64.99€ 
מחיר כולל משלוח: 74.58€ ~ כ 278 בלבד

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סט סכום WMF Boston תיאור מוצר:

WMF BOSTON 30-Piece Basic Cutlery Set

  • Contents: 6x soup spoons, 6x knives, 6x forks, 6x tea spoons and 6x dessert forks
  • Material: Cromargan polished rustproof 18/10 stainless steel, dishwasher-safe
  • Designer: Peter Bäurle
  • Seal of approval: dishwasher-safe



  • Contents: Cutlery set for 6 people (30 pieces): 6 forks, 6 table knives, 6 table spoons, 6 dessert forks and 6 dessert spoons – Article number: 1120916040
  • Material: Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel, hardened, with a polished finish (bright); Acid and scratch resistant and dishwasher safe.
  • The stainless steel monoblock table knives are forged in one piece and have a serrated blade that guarantees long-lasting sharpness.
  • The cutlery set is supplied in a high-quality cutlery case that can be used to store the cutlery.
  • Optimal contemporary design for all types of tables. Designed at WMF Atelier.
WMF – German Tradition

WMF German company founded in 1853 in Geislingen, which originally produced metal items. Known throughout the world for its quality, resistance and excellence in its designs.

Forged monoblock knife

The knives are forged in one piece and hardened as a whole. The hardening process provides excellent cutting property and makes it resistant to corrosion.

dishwasher safe

When washing in the dishwasher, place cutlery in the basket with the handle facing down. Remove cutlery from the machine as soon as possible after the end of the wash cycle and dry if necessary. We recommend running an empty rinse cycle after filling your dishwasher with regenerative salt. Clean your cutlery of coarse debris after use and never leave it unwashed for a long time.

care tips

In rare cases, traces of rust may appear on the cutlery. Usually this is foreign rust carried over from other non-rust proof items. This can be easily and completely eliminated in the early stages with the care product Purargan from WMF. If left untreated, bites can form.

Cromargan 10/18

The Cromargan finish, patented in 1930 by WMF, is key. This stainless steel alloy with a 18/10 ferrous combination gives the article great resistance to scratches and acids, being easier to clean than other finishes and offering an invariable appearance for life

סט סכום WMF Boston בוסטון 30 חלקים ל 6 סועדים
סט סכום WMF Boston בוסטון 30 חלקים ל 6 סועדים

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