כונן SSD פנימי Crucial P5 Plus בנפח 500GB

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Crucial P5 Plus 500GB כונן SSD פנימי  


דגם CT500P5PSSD8
כונן SSD פנימי
סוג  NVMe M.2
ממשק PCle 4.0 דור 4
נפח 500GB
סידרה P5 Plus
מהירות קריאה מקסימלית 6,600MB/s
מהירות כתיבה מקסימלית 5,000MB/s
מתאים גם ל PS5

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קטגוריה: זכרון ואחסון
מותג: Crucial

Crucial P5 Plus

Crucial P5 Plus 500GB, תיאור:

  • PCIe 4.0 NVMe technology with up to 6600MB/s sequential reads
  • Engineered for hardcore gamers, professionals, creatives who demand high-performance computing, works well with PS5 and has Heatsink compatibility
  • Built on our own leading Micron Advanced 3D NAND and innovative controller technology
  • Rated at MTTF greater than 2 million hours for extended longevity and reliability
  • 5-year limited warranty or up to the max endurance rating of 600 TBW

Crucial P5 Plus SSD

Are you ready for next-gen performance? The Crucial P5 Plus SSD delivers remarkable speed and data protection with sequential reads up to 6600MB/s¹ for transformative computing. Engineered by Micron with the latest Gen4 NVMe technology, the Crucial P5 Plus includes advanced features like full hardware-based encryption, dynamic write acceleration, and adaptive thermal protection to keep your data safe while enhancing system reliability. Designed specifically for intensive workloads, high-quality creative content, and hardcore gaming, the P5 Plus is also backward compatible with most Gen3 systems for ultimate flexibility.

Proven Performance

When performance and reliability are critical, build your rig with our Micron Advanced NAND and PCIe 4.0 NVMe technology. Our Crucial P5 Plus is nearly 2x³ faster than our previous generation and boasts read speeds up to 6600MB/s¹. The P5 Plus is developed, manufactured, and tested with Micron for end-to-end quality you can trust.

Get More Done

With cutting-edge technology and stability, the P5 Plus is perfect for intensive uses like gaming, video editing, content creation, and demanding engineering applications.


The P5 Plus offers flexibility. Whether you need an SSD for a Gen3 system upgrade or a new Gen4 build, the P5 Plus is compatible with both. Experience faster boot ups, apps that open in seconds, and games that load as soon as you’re ready to play.

Fully Loaded

Combine performance and durability with the advanced features of our P5 Plus, including industry-leading NAND, innovative controller technology, adaptive thermal protection, dynamic write acceleration, error correction, and encryption capability. All Crucial SSDs also come with our Storage Executive and free cloning software.



כונן SSD פנימי Crucial P5 Plus בנפח 500GB
כונן SSD פנימי Crucial P5 Plus בנפח 500GB

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    כונן SSD פנימי Crucial P5 Plus בנפח 500GB

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    מחיר מבצע: 72.89$ ~ כ 251 ₪ בלבד ומשלוח חינם

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