סכין סנטוקו 18 ס”מ F.DICK Santoku Active Cut

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סכין סנטוקו F DICK


סכין סנטוקו עם חריצים
אורך להב 18 ס”מ
מתאימה לחיתוך ירקות ובשר וגם לשימוש כללי יומיומי
להב עשוי פלדה X30Cr13 עמיד לחלודה
משקל 148 גרם 

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מחיר כולל משלוח 55.51€ ~ כ  199 ₪ בלבד


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סכין סנטוקו F DICK תיאור מלא

About this item

  • The Santoku knife is an utility knife in a traditional Japanese shape that is mainly found in the kitchen and has similar properties to a chef’s knife.
  • The rollers create air cushions that prevent thin and soft discs from sticking to the blade. With bullet cut, precise cuts are achieved thanks to the precise guide.
  • The blade is made of an X 30 Cr 13 steel which combines very good mechanical properties with good polishability and chemical resistance
  • The handle made of PPO polyphenylene oxide is abrasion and non-slip and guarantees maximum safety when cutting. Thanks to the gap-free connection of the handle and blade, there is absolute hygiene.
  • The blade with 54° Rockwell (HRC) can be resharpened extremely quickly and easily, which benefits an inexperienced “sharpener”.

Product description

F. DICK Santoku with tapered edge ActiveCut

  • The Santoku from the forged ActiveCut series is considered an Asian classic for vegetables and meat and is therefore part of the basic range in the kitchen.
  • It is characterised by a thin blade with a tapered cut.
  • The pointed blade end is used for decorating.
  • The tapered edge creates air cushions that reduce the adhesion of the cut material to the blade.
  • The ergonomically shaped handle of the knife sits comfortably in the hand and is connected to the blade without gaps.
  • The semi-bolster allows the blade to be re-sharpened to the end of the blade.
  • The elegant metal emblem in the handle is a design element and eye-catcher that underlines the value of the knife series.
  • The balanced hardness of 54° HRC combines edge retention and easy resharping.

Technical details:

  • Blade length: 18 cm
  • Handle material: hygienic plastic.
  • Blade material: steel X30Cr13

Box contents:

  • 1 x Santoku No. 89042182K.

About Dick… the world’s only producer of complete programs of knives, sharpening steels and tools for chefs and butchers.
The traditional company Friedr. Dick was founded in 1778 and has been owned by the family since then.
A special steel is used for the production of the knives, which is recognisable by the exceptional quality of the blades. Using state-of-the-art hardening and forging processes, the blades last a lifetime.
Friedr. Dick is one of the best knife manufacturers in the world: precision in Germany.

סכין סנטוקו 18 ס”מ F.DICK Santoku Active Cut
סכין סנטוקו 18 ס”מ F.DICK Santoku Active Cut

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