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מסלול Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway בלעדי לאמזון

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מסלול Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway  הרשמה לעדכונים 


דגם CDL49 נמכר בלעדית באמזון
מסלול תחרות מכוניות ל-2 שחקנים
לגילאי 4 עד 10
מגיע עם מכונית אחת ביחס 1:64
ניתן לרכוש רכבים נוספים – מהלינק הזה
ניתן לחבר חלקים ממסלולים אחרים של Hot Wheels

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מסלול Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway , תיאור מלא:

  • Engage in thrilling, high-speed action with the side-by-side racing of the Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway.
  • Two kid-activated launchers get the race started sending toy cars toward a grandstand that has pop-off flags for each completed lap. Score first and score fast to be the winner.
  • Set comes with 1 Hot Wheels vehicle and can be played with single or two players. (Additional cars sold separately.)
  • Connect the track to other Hot Wheels track sets to extend the racing adventures.
  • Kids 4 to 10 years old will love the competitive excitement and challenge of this track set that hones problem-solving skills and encourages good sportsmanship.

Rev Creativity and Cultivate Sportsmanship

​Kids send their Hot Wheels cars flying on the Super Speed Blastway and build their sportsmanship with competitive action to see who will be the ultimate champion. The Super Speed Blastway connects to other Hot Wheels track sets so kids can continue to rev their creativity and build an entire world of racing thrills.

Thrilling Side-by-Side Racing

Kids love the side-by-side racing action with two kid-activated slam launchers. Grandstands feature pop off characters activated by every completed lap around the speedway. The checkered finish flag appears at the end of the race to reward the winner!

What’s in the Box?

2 slam launchers, 3 lap counting targets, release checkered flag to indicate winner in the ultimate two-lane challenge! ​

מסלול Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway בלעדי לאמזון
מסלול Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway בלעדי לאמזון

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