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הסתייםמגדל תצפית Paw Patrol מפרץ ההרפתקאות

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מחיר כולל משלוח עד הבית: £85.97 ~ כ 358 ₪ בלבד 


מגדל תצפית Paw Patrol מפרץ ההרפתקאות    הרשמה לעדכונים


מגדל תצפית ענק בגובה 83 ס”מ
מתאים לילדים בגיל 3+
כולל 11 חלקים. עם דמות של צ’ייס ורכב

פועל על 3 סוללות AAA (לא כלול)
מומלץ להוסיף לסל 8 סוללות AAA נטענות – לינק לרכישה

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אמזון בריטניה

מחיר מבצע: £48
מחיר כולל משלוח עד הבית: £85.97 ~ כ 358 ₪ בלבד 


קטגוריה: צעצועים ומשחקים

מגדל תצפית Paw Patrol תיאור מלא

  • MIGHTY LOOKOUT TOWER – Standing at 83 cm tall, kids have the perfect vantage point of Adventure Bay from the real working telescope When trouble is spotted, push the buttons to activate real lights and sounds and help the PAW Patrol to save the day
  • INTERACTIVE MISSIONS – Place all 6 Mighty Pups (each sold separately) on the platform spot that lights up in their uniform colour Push the button on the tower to hear Ryder give missions – the platform lights blink, landing on the right pup for the job
  • WORKING LIFT AND ZIPLINE – Send pups up to the top of the Mighty Lookout Tower in the working lift, and back down the tower on the mighty zip line when trouble strikes Launch the pups from the base of the tower straight into action
  • The PAW Patrol Mighty Lookout Tower makes a great gift for any PAW Patrol fan, aged 3 years and over 3 AAA batteries required (not included) Take the pups on mighty missions with the Mighty Lookout Tower
  • Includes – 1 Mighty Lookout Tower, 1 Chase Figure, 1 Mighty Pups Vehicle, 6 Zip Line Clips, 1 Sticker Sheet, 1 Instruction Sheet



Mighty Lookout Tower with Lights and Mission Sounds

Get ready for mighty action with the PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Super PAWs Mighty Lookout Tower! This action-packed 2 ¾ feet tall tower is the ultimate PAW Patrol headquarters and includes an exclusive Mighty Chase figure and his Mighty Vehicle. With a working elevator, mighty zip line, vehicle launcher, bay for 6 vehicles, lights, mission sounds and more, the Mighty Lookout Tower is ready for mighty action! Help the PAW Patrol save the day with the Mighty Pups Super PAWs Mighty Lookout Tower!

Includes :

  • 1 Mighty Lookout Tower
  • 1 Chase Figure
  • 1 Mighty Pups Vehicle
  • 6 Zip Line Clips
  • 1 Sticker Sheet
  • 1 Instruction Sheet

Stands a Mighty 2 ¾ Feet Tall

At 2 ¾ feet tall, the Mighty Lookout Tower brings the action and excitement of PAW Patrol into your home! The working telescope provides the perfect vantage point to spot trouble in Adventure Bay. Jam-packed with so many exciting features to explore, kids can get hands on and use their imaginations to create superhero adventures for their Mighty Pups

Interactive Mighty Missions

Flip open the top of the Mighty Lookout Tower to reveal a mission control panel! With a light-up space on the top platform for each Mighty Pup (each sold separately), place each pup on the spot that lights up in their uniform colour. Push the buttons on the mission control to hear Ryder give the pups a mission and select the right pup for the job

Power Up in the Working Elevator

Send Mighty Chase (figure included) up the elevator to help him gain his mighty powers! Place Chase or any Mighty Pups figure (each sold separately) onto the elevator platform and lift the handle. As the elevator rises, radar and a Mighty Badge are released on the side of the tower. When Chase reaches the top, the Mighty Lookout Tower’s lights and sounds activate!

Exclusive Mighty Chase and Vehicle

The Mighty Lookout Tower comes with a Mighty Chase figure and his Mighty Vehicle, ready to save the day! Add all of the Mighty Pups figures and vehicles (each sold separately) to your PAW Patrol collection and get ready for mighty action!

Built-in Vehicle Launcher

Launch Mighty Chase straight into action with the vehicle launcher! Put his Mighty Vehicle into the entrance and with Chase on top of the trap door, slide the button and drop Chase right into his vehicle. Push down on the lever and launch Chase to the rescue! There’s even room in the rotating base of the Mighty Lookout Tower for all of the Mighty Pups Vehicles (each sold separately)

Soar Down the Mighty Zip Line

Send Mighty Chase down the mighty zip line! Simply attach one of the included clips onto Chase’s backpack, hook it onto the zip line and send Chase soaring around the Mighty Lookout Tower and through the Mighty Badge! When Chase reaches the bottom, remove the clip and set him onto the trap door platform

מגדל תצפית Paw Patrol מפרץ ההרפתקאות
מגדל תצפית Paw Patrol מפרץ ההרפתקאות

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