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הסתייםקולר Seresto נגד פרעושים ומזיקים לחתולים – 2 יחידות

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מחיר כולל משלוח עד הבית: 49.09€ ~ כ 172 ₪ בלבד

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קולר Seresto לחתולים

  • EFFECTIVENESS BY CONTACT: Seresto acts on parasites even before they sting/bite your animal, avoiding pain, discomfort and stress.
  • LONG-LASTING ANTI-PARASITIC COLLAR: Seresto protects your cat against fleas for 7-8 months and up to 8 months against ticks.
  • UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY: The Seresto collar gradually releases active ingredients throughout the treatment and provides even protection from your cat’s head to tail
  • Long-lasting pest control collar
  • Cat-specific presentation, has an unlocking mechanism and a predetermined breaking point



The collar is designed in such a way as to safely remain in place for up to 8 months, without endangering the life of the animal. Seresto is a unique product on the market, it contains a powerful insecticide – imidacloprid and highly effective acaricide – flumethrin. These compounds are incorporated into a polymer matrix used in the construction of the innovative collar waterproof and odorless, so that the active ingredients are all the time – for up to 8 months – released in a suitable low but effective dosage. 


For treatment and prevention of infestation of fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) for a period of 7 to 8 months for dogs. The effectiveness is reached immediately after putting on the collar.

Seresto can be used as part of a strategy to combat flea allergy dermatitis (FAD).
Kills fleas, repels and kills ticks – If a tick is repelled or killed, it can’t attach and transmit the organisms that may cause disease.
Non-greasy, odorless, easy-to-use. Water resistant.
קולר Seresto נגד פרעושים ומזיקים לחתולים – 2 יחידות
קולר Seresto נגד פרעושים ומזיקים לחתולים – 2 יחידות

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