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הסתייםעכבר גיימינג אלחוטי SteelSeries Prime Wireless

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SteelSeries Prime Wireless עכבר גיימינג אלחוטי    הרשמה לעדכונים


עכבר גיימינג אלחוטי בעיצוב Esport Pro 
עם 5 מקשים אופטיים מגנטיים ראשונים מסוגם
טכנולוגיית הדור הבא להקלקה מהירה ואורך חיים של עד 100 מליון הקלקות
מעקב 1 ל 1 מקצועי עם 18K CPI, 400 IPS ו – 40G
סוללה לעד 100 שעות 
טעינה מהירה בכ 15 דקות בלבד
חיבור אלחוטי Quantum 2.0
אזור תאורה RGB 
משקל 80 גרם (ללא כבל)

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מותג: SteelSeries

SteelSeries Prime Mini

SteelSeries Prime Wireless תיאור מלא

About this item

  • Esport Pro Design – developed in collaboration with over 100 pros for sustained comfort and agility in the most demanding levels of FPS gameplay.
  • Optical Magnetic Switches – A first in esports, next-gen technology provides faster click-response time with 5x more durability than the competition, lasting for 100 million crispy clicks
  • Pro-Precision Sensor – Designed for the settings pros use, the TrueMove Air sensor offers unrivaled precision and true 1-to-1 tracking with 18K CPI, 400 IPS and 40G
  • Lag-Free Power-Efficient Wireless – Next-gen Quantum 2.0 technology reliably transmits data with industry-leading 100-hour battery life and fast charging
  • Our Most Comfortable Mouse – specialized engineered shaped the Prime for right-handed Pro players, working with multiple grip styles, like finger, palm, and claw for ultimate comfort and feel-good performance

Winning is Everything

Every aspect of Prime Wireless was meticulously designed with a single goal in mind: Victory. Co-developed with over 100 top esports pros, Prime Wireless is the pinnacle of competitive gaming mice. Its revolutionary switches, pro-grade sensor, and battle-tested shape put it in a class of its own.

Revolutionary Optical Magnetic Switch

The unique design of the Prestige OM Switch leverages neodymium magnets to deliver the most consistent crispy clicks – rated for 100M clicks, up to 5x longer than competition. Paired with an input beam of infrared light, each click registers at quantum speeds.

Quantum 2.0 Wireless

Cutting-edge wireless tech uses dual channel optimization for stable connection with 0 packet loss.

High-performance Battery

Over 100 hours of uninterrupted 1000Hz gameplay on a single charge plus 15 minute fast charging.

TrueMove Air Gaming Sensor

True 1 to 1 tracking for extreme performance and precision with 18,000 CPI, 400 IPS, and 40G.

On-board Customization

Choose between 4 polling rates and 5 custom CPIs directly on the mouse, perfect for any situation.

Battle-tested Form Factor

Lightweight 80g design developed with esports pros for sustained comfort and durability.

Textured Matte Finish

New and easy-to-clean dependable non-slip grip for the highest levels of play in spite of moisture.

Construction ABS plastic, PET-Polyester Silk Cable
Shape Ergonomic Right-handed
Grip Style Claw, Fingertip, Palm
Buttons 5
Switches Type: SteelSeries Prestige OM Switch, Rating: 100 Million Clicks
Sensor Type: TrueMove Air CPI: 18000, IPS: 400, Acceleration: 40G
Mouse Feet Virgin Grade PTFE
Illumination 1 Zone RGB
Weight 80g (without cable)


Length: 125.3mm / 4.93 inches, Width (front): 59mm / 2.32 inches,
Width (back): 67.9mm / 2.67 inches, Height (front): 23mm / 0.91 inches,
Height (back) 42.4mm / 1.67 inches, Cable: 2.1m / 6.92 feet


Windows, Mac, Xbox, Linux, USB port required, SteelSeries Engine 3.15.1+

Box Contents

Prime Wireless Gaming Mouse, Type-C Wireless dongle, Extender Adapter, USB Type-C to USB Type-A Super Mesh Data/Charging Cable, Installation guide


עכבר גיימינג אלחוטי SteelSeries Prime Wireless
עכבר גיימינג אלחוטי SteelSeries Prime Wireless
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