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T-fal Ingenio Preference סט סירים  הרשמה לעדכונים 


דגם: L900S464
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פתרון מושלם לאחסון נוח
חוסך עד 50% ממקום האחסון
הידית נשלפת כך שניתן להכניס למקרר ולתנור בצורה פשוטה, נוחה ויעילה
ניתן להכניס לתנור עד חום של 500°F ~ כ 260°C
ניתן לשטיפה במדיח (למעט הידית)
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מותג: T-fal

סט סירים T-fal Ingenio Preference

סט סירים T-fal Ingenio Preference, תיאור מלא

  • Experience ultimate versatility with cookware that features a removable handle that lets you go from stove, to oven, and into the fridge¹
  • Patented removable handle features a 3-point safety system that withstands up to 22 lbs. / 10 kg ²
  • Optimal storage and easy stacking with the handles off saves up to 50% more space³
  • Induction-compatible, plus dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 500°F thanks to its removable handle (handle is hand wash only)
  • Quality, long-lasting stainless-steel provides max durability and style that works hard
  • Set includes: 1 x Ingenio removable handle, 3 x sauce pans (1, 2, & 3-quarts)

Product Description

Click. Cook. Stack! This collection’s genius detachable handle system easily clicks on and off, to simplify your cooking. Go from stove to oven to fridge¹, and cook, serve & store food in a single pot or pan. The patented removable handle’s 3-point safety system allows it to withstand up to 22 lb. (10 kg).² With the handles and lids off, they can go in the oven (safe up to 500°F)⁴ or neatly nest to save up to 50% more space in your cupboard.³ Made from long-lasting stainless steel, it spreads heat evenly and works hard meal after meal. It’s also compatible with all kinds of stovetops, including induction, and is dishwasher safe. ¹ Do not store acidic food ² Based on T-fal internal testing on Ingenio products ³ Compared to T-fal fixed handle ranges ⁴ Excluding the handle

סט סירים T-fal Ingenio Preference


סט סירים T-fal Ingenio Preference
סט סירים T-fal Ingenio Preference
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