כונן קשיח פנימי WD Red Plus NAS בנפח 4TB

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WD Red Plus NAS 4TB כונן קשיח פנימי    הרשמה לעדכונים


דגם WD40EFZX
סידרה WD Red Plus
כונן 3.5″ אשר עוצב ותוכנן במיוחד לשימוש במערכות NAS
תמיכה בעד 8 תאים
מתאים לשימוש אישי, עסקי
סיבובים לדקה 5400RPM
ממשק SATA 6.0 Gb/s 

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קטגוריות: אחסון
מותג: WD

WD Red Plus NAS 4TB תיאור לפי אמזון:

About this item

  • Available in capacities ranging from 1-14TB with support for up to 8 bays
  • Supports up to 180 TB/yr workload rate Workload Rate is defined as the amount of user data transferred to or from the hard drive. Workload Rate is annualized (TB transferred ✕ (8760 / recorded power-on hours)). Workload Rate will vary depending on your hardware and software components and configurations.
  • NASware firmware for compatibility
  • Small or medium business NAS systems in a 24×7 environment

For Personal or Home Office

Stream, backup, share, and organize your digital content at home with a NAS and WD Red drives designed to effortlessly share content with the devices in your personal or home office environments. NASware 3.0 technology increases your drives’ compatibility with your existing network and devices, TV, stereo, and more. Live in a connected world.

24/7 Environment

Since your NAS system is always on, a reliable drive is essential. With an MTBF of up to 1 million hours, the WD Red drive is engineered to tackle 24/7 environments.

Exclusive NASware 3.0

Built into every WD Red hard drive, NASware 3.0’s advanced technology improves your system’s storage performance by increasing compatibility, integration, upgradeability, and reliability.

כונן קשיח פנימי WD Red Plus NAS בנפח 4TB
כונן קשיח פנימי WD Red Plus NAS בנפח 4TB

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    מחיר מבצע: $69.99 ~ כ 242 ₪ בלבד ומשלוח חינם
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