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צבע כסוף 67.05$ ~ כ 215 ₪ ומשלוח חינם


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ברז נשלף Xiaomi DABAI תיאור לפי Banggood :

Xiaomi DABAI Bathroom Pull Out Rinser Sprayer Basin Sink Faucet Gargle Brushing 2 Mode Mixer Tap

Brand: DABAI (Xiaomi Ecological Chain)
Color: Black
Product Dimension: 213*52*189mm
Spout Height: 106mm
Water Out Mode: Rinsing Mode, Misting Mode, Gargling Mode
Hole Diameter: φ33~38mm
Connection Joint: M33*1.5
Product Weight: About 1.6kg
Material: Body – Zinc Alloy, Handle – Zinc Alloy, Installation Nut – PP
1. Innovative Gargling Function
This faucet not only improves aesthetic feeling and quality on the basis of traditional basin faucet, but also adds a variety of practical functions. The gargling spout is elegant in design and reduce contact with bacteria. It can help you to wash the basin arrounding easily via the pull out rinser.
2. Spout Upward, Easy Brushing Teeth
This faucet makes it easier and more elegant for you to rinse your mouth. It also reduces contact with bacteria. Press the button above to switch the water direction.
3. Pull Out Sprayer, Easy Washing Hair
Hurried morning, do not need to stoop to wash your face, have a acid on your acid and clothes may be splashed with water. The sprayer can be fully pulled out and adjusted, so as to clean your face and hair as you like, bringing you a cleaner and more comfortable experience.
4. Clean A Wider Area, Spraying Freely
The extended pull out hose make it easier to reach a wider area arrouding the basin, and clean up the dirt in corners ang gaps thoroughly. 
5. Two Spray Mode, Adapt to Different Needs
With rinsing (perfect for shampoo) and misting(perfect for washing your face) 2 spray mode, gently press the button above, you can change the spray mode quickly.
Misting Mode: Spray gentlely and centlely, very soft and smooth without splash, perfect for pouring water, washing your face.
Rinsing Mode: Spray strongly, wider sparying area, can scour the dirt of deck, cup, tooth brush and other corners, can also massage your scalp.
6. 1.5mm Seamless Handle, Smooth Operation
The round and curved handle is very comfortable in handfeeling. Adapting the industrial high standard technology, so that the gap between handle and faucet body is only 1.5mm, which is not easy to hide dirt. The valve core can open and close smoothly, to avoid instability or overhigh temperature of water flow caused by the stucking handle.
7. 22 Electroplating Processes
After 22 electroplating processes, through the salt spray test,  for a long time, it won’t generate white spots, copper green, rust, stains. Gently wipe, it will be still bright as new.
8. Care for Family: Made of high quality materials, keep away from lead poisoning
High Quality Filter Screen: Effectively filter silt and similar coarse materials, smooth water flow
Precision Braided Hose: Flexible and comfortable, smooth feel, reduce friction resistance
Gravity Control Puller: Provide stable retraction gravity, flexible and easy return
Integrated Base Design: Avoid the gap of traditional adornment cover, not easy to hide dirt
9. International Patent Fast Installation Technology
Push and twist, 10 seconds can complete the combination of faucet, not easy to shake and loose, no seepage, no drip leakage, φ33-φ38mm installation aperture, can be adapted to most families.
Package Included:
1 x Bathroom Basin Faucet Mixer Tap
1 x Rubber Gasket
1 x Gasket
1 x Quick Mounting Nut
1 x Heavy Hammer Group
1 x Quick Loading Wrench
1 x Inner Hexagon Wrench
1 x Bubbler Wrench
ברז נשלף Xiaomi DABAI לחדר האמבטיה – צבע כסף
ברז נשלף Xiaomi DABAI לחדר האמבטיה – צבע כסף

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    צבע כסוף 67.05$ ~ כ 215 ₪ ומשלוח חינם

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