XIAOMI Deerma DEM-F628 מכשיר אדים מפיץ ריח

XIAOMI Deerma DEM-F628 מכשיר אדים מפיץ ריח
XIAOMI Deerma DEM-F628 מכשיר אדים מפיץ ריח

עלות משלוח: 1.3$ סה"כ 33.29$ ~ 119 ₪ בלבד.

XIAOMI Deerma DEM-F628 מכשיר אדים מפיץ ריח

מיכל ענק 5 ליטר
לשטח של עד 25-30 מ”ר

אתר Banggood
קוד קופון: 49e90a
מחיר עם קופון: 31.99$
עלות משלוח: 1.3$
סה”כ 33.29$ ~ 119 ₪ בלבד.


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XIAOMI Deerma DEM-F628 5L Air Humidifier Mute Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Household Mist Maker Fogger Purifying Humidifier Oil

– Hurricane Fog Ring:
The wide and flat venting port sends the water mist to the high places in the room, making it difficult to wet the table.
The curved mist exit is very beautiful, and the water mist is transported outward.
– Infinitely Adjustable Fog Knob:
It is very convenient to adjust the amount of mist in the humidifier with a single twist.
– 25-30m2 Wide Range Humidification:
The humidifier that delivers even and far fog is suitable for 25-30m2 space.
The turbine air supply unit is equipped with a straight mist outlet.
The humidification range is expanded to evenly moisturize the corner of the home.
– 5L Huge Capacity:
5L large capacity, can continue to humidify for a whole day, no need to add water frequently
– 1-5μm Small Water Mist:
Ultrasonic vibration, atomizing liquid water into micron-sized water particles,
only 1-5μm water mist molecules can directly reach the skin base layer, moisturizing the skin
– Visualized Water Gauge:
With a transparent water gauge design, you can clearly see the change in water volume, add water in advance
– ABS Material- Easy To Clean:
Made of high quality ABS material, resistant to falling, smooth, easy to clean

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